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Analytics - Performance Tracking & Monitoring

Track real time user engagement & behaviour

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In-Built digital publishing Analytics - Your coordinates to success

OneRead app makes life easier for publishers with effective performance tracking analytics as a core feature. It keeps you updated about your publishing app numbers without having to seek any over-priced third-party solutions for analytics.

  • Real Time Performance Monitoring

    Real time performance monitoring

  • Easy access to KPIs

    Easy access to KPIs

  • Customizable inbuilt analytics

    Customizable inbuilt analytics

  • Intuitive graphical sales report

    Intuitive graphical sales report

  • Insightful reading behaviour metrics

    Insightful reading behaviour metrics

Leverage calculated data to your advantage.

Apart from being cost effective our analytics are:


To save you the trouble of finding separate options to assess the performance of your publications.

Simple to use

To make analytics intelligible for users and help them collate activity and sales reports on a whim.

Highly resourceful

To help you make well informed choices for your business.

Concerned about finding the critical metrics to track?

OneRead narrows down your search by including analytics that leverage your business the most. We believe in easing the entire process of digital distribution and everything else that goes with it including numbers. Finding your key performance indicators hasn’t been anymore easier. With access to an intuitive analytics dashboard publishers can cruise through clutter-free metrics that are both understandable and ready to put into action. OneRead comes locked and loaded with real-time analytics to make each stage of your digital publication and distribution insightful.

How OneRead Analytics can make it happen

OneRead Analytics

Strategizing your marketing efforts

With access to real-time information and metrics, educational institutions, corporates and digital publishers all have much to benefit from. OneRead analytics provides any industry figure with much needed statistical data that can be used to measure sales, track user activity and find out the engagement index of publications. These trends can help you to anchor your publishing strategy and stay in a state of constant improvement. To facilitate a thorough understanding of analytics and visualizing data to a better extent, OneRead enables users to view data in multiple graphical forms like bar-graphs and pie charts.

Analytics Performance Monitoring

Valued insights to gain from

  • Most Engaging Content - Indicates the most popular content among audiences for a particular duration, including advanced audience engagement details to help you follow the progress of your top content.
  • Active Customers - Gives you an accurate real-time figure of readers actively using your app.
  • Sales Report - Helps you keep tabs on the revenue generated from your content.You can look into your weekly, monthly and yearly sales in this section and assess your growth rate.
  • User vs Gender Reading Hours - Gives you a comparative ratio of exactly how much time do male users invest in reading on your platform as compared to female users.
  • Total Reading Time & Session - You can get to know about the total reading time invested by your users on your published content along with the number of reading sessions.
  • Average Reading Per Session - You can find out the average length of reading sessions.
  • User vs Platform Reading Hours - Gives you a comparative ratio of exactly how much time do android users invest in reading on your platform as compared to iOS users.
  • App Usage (Platform) - Gives you platform specific user insights and trends from all the popular devices, desktop,tablet or mobile (android/iOS).

Looking for more performance tracking benchmarks? We can customize our analytics to meet your business need. Switch to OneRead and turn around your digital publishing fortunes.

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