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Blending Technology with Publishing for Immersive eBook Reading Experience

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In Sync with Your Online Publishing Solutions

Whether you are an academic publisher, an eLearning company, or a business organization, using OneRead, you can create interactive and engaging eBooks that provide personalized learning experience, and compliments varied learning styles.

OneRead lets you look beyond traditional eBooks by allowing multimedia content such as audio, video, animation, images, etc., to enhance user engagement.

  • Multi-channel digital publishing & distribution

    Multi-channel digital publishing & distribution

  • ebook publishing platform

    Interactive, dynamic content available even offline

  • white labelled online magazine publishing

    White-labelled branded eReader & eStore

  • ePublishing solutions with DRM

    Secured eBook distribution with DRM

  • online digital publishing with analytics

    Performance tracking with analytics

Make the Experience Mobile & Interactive!

Publish the perfect content for your readers, learners, and followers.

Publish Across Devices & Platforms

Grab new opportunities with OneRead’s fluid and interactive eBook publishing feature and connect with your intended target audience irrespective of the platform or device being used. Use OneRead to design and publish digital content that can be accessed across platforms (iOS & Android) and multiple devices such as PC, smartphone and tablets.

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Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

No more integration related dilemmas. OneRead is LTI compliant and can seamlessly integrate with your existing eStore or LMS.

If you have an existing eStore, OneRead facilitates easy integration to make sure that your store is up and running flawlessly at all times.

OneRead Digital Publishing Platform

Safe Content Distribution & Access

OneRead uses a secure cloud-based distribution framework, which ensures that the data is DRM protected and encrypted, and can only be accessed using distinctive access codes.

With OneRead you can have a great offline reading experience. Once you download OneRead, it allows offline secure access to read eBooks even when offline.

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Get Your Own Branded Apps

Delivering eBooks to readers through your own reader app is now possible.

OneRead, the end-to-end online digital publishing and distribution platform offers a host of features and functionalities such as user friendly interface, offline reading, book download, annotation tools and much more.

White labelled branded apps
eBook publishing & evaluation

Evaluate eBook Performance with Content Metrics

Get your eBook’s performance metrics in a few clicks. OneRead allows readers to collaborate and provide crucial analytical data pertaining to content consumption, popular content types, time spent on reading, sharing, subscriber growth, unsubscribes/opt-outs, transactions, to name a few.

Digitize and give your readers an immersive reading experience with dynamic digital publishing Company OneRead. Subscribe and Download now!

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