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Corporate Digital Publishing Solutions

Create & Distribute Content Seamlessly Across All Your Digital Channels

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Step Up Your Content from Digital Ready to
Digital First

With OneRead, bring together content and digital to be your catalyst to corporate communications and elearning solutions. Manage all your digital channels, reduce print and distribution costs, and optimize workflow processes along the entire content production chain.

Be it an in-house magazine, flyer, brochure, training/learning material, financial report, catalogue, or newsletter – you can preserve the design fidelity of a print publication, while add the interactivity of digital by enriching it with supplementary content like videos, image galleries, the latest analysis and reports, etc. – creating an immersive content experience for your readers.

  • multi format interactive content

    Produce multi-format, interactive content

  • Real time content update

    Update content across channels in real-time

  • white labelled ereader

    White-labelled branded eReader with access control

  • DRM-secure content distribution

    Secure content distribution with DRM

  • Analytics insights

    Draw actionable insights with analytics

Make the Experience Mobile & Interactive!

Publish the perfect content for your readers, learners, and followers.

Innovate, Reinvent and Transform the way business content is published and shared with OneRead

  • Create immersive content
  • Modify/Sync content across devices in real-time
  • Manage access to content
  • Secure content distribution
  • Access content across devices & OS
  • Draw actionable insights about content
  • Analyze content usage

Create Your Company App

  • Give your customers, employees and all other stakeholders, your company information via a single app – OneRead
  • Distribute all your organisational communications through OneRead
  • Manage from a single point and distribute globally across devices & platforms
  • White label app, enabling you to instantly customise the look and feel of your app
  • Make the most of creative interactive features to make your content captivating, add videos, images, games, quizzes, current trends, projects or products, etc.
  • Update in real time, ensuring your content is always up to the minute

Multi-channel Marketing

Reinventing the way you market and sell.

  • Create engaging and interactive brochures, catalogs and much more using OneRead
  • Efficiently manage sales collaterals at one place for easy access by sales team as well as stakeholders
  • Use analytics to draw insights about sales collateral usage

Boost Your Marketing & Communications

  • Highlight and annotate important portions of the content to be used in meetings
  • Post questions to clarify doubts
  • Add external links and references
  • Share collaterals with existing and prospective clients

Engage Clients

  • Allow downloading of collaterals for offline reading
  • Annotate, highlight and take notes for later use
  • Collaborate with preferred sales contact

Create & Distribute Learning Material & Reports

OneRead is a great interactive report creating and dispensing platform.

  • Generate interactive reports
  • Share reports across device & platforms
  • Safe access to reports using encryption
  • Get insights on report usage through analytics

Empower Trainers

  • Convert PDF documents into ePub3 file format
  • Include multi-media content such as audio/video to learning content / research report
  • Receive instant feedback by including surveys, questions, etc.
  • Create customized reports for trainees
  • Allow Offline access of reports
  • Draw insights about report usage through analytics

Connect with Learners

  • Allow information sharing with advisors
  • Add references to portfolio
  • Set reminders for various tasks
  • Share feedbacks and reviews

Interactive Digital Editions of Your Legacy Content

Design digital native collaterals means you can create really engaging pieces of marketing and sales communications that can empower your readers to interact, learn, connect, and perform across any device.

However, if you are not equipped for digital first, OneRead can assist you digitise your print documents, and incorporate interactivity by supplementing it with further content like videos, image galleries, etc., which are just not possible with your physical copies.

Bring innovation in business content production and distribution with OneRead

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