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Custom eLearning Development

eLearning has been around the corner for years now, with high growth and adoption. Businesses must constantly provide a seamless, coherent learning experience to learners while adhering to their needs in the best way possible. Thanks to proficient eLearning platforms like OneRead that facilitate quick, hassle-free custom eLearning course development.

Impart Learning in the Digital World with OneRead

OneRead is a robust cloud-based mLearning platform offering Higher Ed, K-12 publishers, schools, institutions, training centers and other businesses the flexibility to publish and distribute highly interactive content and eLearning material. While helping you with custom eLearning course development to create engaging courses that keep your learners motivated, the platform allows you to track the progress of the students via analytics dashboards.

By assisting you in developing custom eLearning solutions, our platform considerably helps you in reaching your desired training goals while bringing measurable business impact.

  • Add notes, annotations & highlights

    Add notes, annotations, and highlights

  • Assignment creation & ebook distributio

    Assignment creation and sharing

  • Progress tracking through analytics

    Progress tracking of learners through analytics

  • white labelled ereader & estore

    White-labelled branded eReader & eStore

  • DRM & license management

    DRM Security and License Manage

Make the Experience Mobile & Interactive!

Publish the perfect content for your readers, learners, and followers.

OneRead - All Inclusive Custom eLearning Development Platform

Multiple Formats

Create immersive and engaging eBooks using legacy content with just a click. OneRead allows instant conversion to ePub3 format from file formats of your choice, such as:

  • Word
  • PDF
  • PPT
  • ePUB
Coversion to ePub3

Interactive Content

Make learning more interesting by introducing interactive content that matches your learners’ style. Ensure better engagement by adding:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interactive activities such as puzzles and games
  • Assessments and assignments
  • External references and links
share interactive content

Offline Learning

OneRead is a great app for promoting and developing reading habits amongst students. Use OneRead to access offline content, as well as to:

  • Add annotations when offline
  • Download eBooks
  • Facilitate collaborative learning
  • White labelled platform & apps
  • View content across devices & platforms
OneRead Analytics dashboard

Robust Analytics Dashboard

Get actionable insights to help channelize your efforts and investments in the right direction. Through the analytics dashboard on OneRead, learn about:

  • Most popular eBooks
  • Licenses being used by schools
  • Major trends and reading habits
  • Popular devices being used

DRM Security & License Management

OneRead ensures secure access and distribution of content by checking content piracy and unauthorized access.

  • Encrypt content using AES 256 encryption standard
  • License content used by schools as by individuals
  • Provide access codes for textbooks
  • Offer a wide range of license types such as device, user, and domain-based
  • Set subscription time period

Assignments & Assessments Sharing

Track student’s progress and identify areas that need improvement.

  • Enhance learning outcomes
  • Wide range of question templates to choose from
  • Create and sell assignments and question banks
  • Include assignments in content

Custom eLearning Development for Productive Learning

We customize eLearning content as per your requirements while helping you create an emotional connection with your learners.

Immersive learning methods such as scenario-based learning, micro-learning, animated videos, or game-based learning enhance the receptive value of learners and make the process of learning both fun and easy while increasing productivity.

Enhanced productivity rates foster a guaranteed return on investment with substantial results in terms of organizational growth.

Custom eLearning solutions offer multi-device compatibility so that learners can train, learn or read on the go - anywhere, anytime.

What Sets Our Custom eLearning Solutions Apart?

  • One-Stop Solution

    Through OneRead, we provide you with an appropriate combination of tested eLearning strategies, advanced technologies, and proven techniques for exceptional business growth.

  • Relevant Experience

    We have helped multiple publishers, businesses, academic institutions, and other organizations deliver a seamless learning experience to their readers via elegant publications.

  • Flexible Models

    We work on flexible models including custom eLearning solutions, custom eLearning course development, white label solutions, and content transformation.

  • Scalable Learning Design

    We understand the fast-paced world and the changing business needs, which is why we scale our operations accordingly and deliver effective eLearning solutions.

  • Learned Team

    Our in-house experts assist you with all your publishing needs, course development, designing, content transformation solutions, and more.

  • Budget Utilization

    We work on client's time-zone and flexible resource engagement models to maximize the training budgets.

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