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Accelerate Your Content Transformation Journey With OneRead

OneRead, the all-inclusive content distribution and ebook conversion platform, helps you in distributing your content through multiple channels while taking care of your conversion leads. The platform further helps in seamless conversion by analyzing the distribution channels, user requirements, and device(s) to determine the most suitable format for content distribution. The algorithm behind OneRead quickly transforms your content to add value to your eBooks and delivers an interactive experience to your readers.

With multiple devices, platforms, and formats available in the eLearning market, it is quite challenging for organizations to come up with a content structure based on a certain specification that fits all. This calls for content conversion services that can transform complex designed content into digital distribution formats. Our eBooks conversion services aim to unlock the potential of your content as well as your business to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Getting the format right can definitely save a lot of cost and lead to huge success whereas getting tangled in the complexities will eventually lead to unnecessary delays and increased costs.

  • interactive mobile ready ebooks

    Interactive mobile-ready eBooks

  • format conversion

    Customizations & format conversions

  • Multi-format rendering

    Multi-format rendering

  • Share annotations

    Sync and share annotations

  • DRM Security, AES Encryption

    DRM protected content with AES encryption

Make the Experience Mobile & Interactive!

Publish the perfect content for your readers, learners, and followers.

Content transformation solutions

Content Conversion Services Accessible Across Diverse Devices and Formats

Using the wrong format can make your content unreadable on a particular device, or even lead to non-compliance with legal/corporate requirements. OneRead supports all types of devices including such as - smartphones, tablets, and eReaders for both iOS and Android operating systems, and other popular formats, such as:

  • EPUB3
  • HTML5
  • PDF
  • iBook Author (.iba)
  • Inkling
  • KF8
  • Kindle (.mobi)

Interactive eBook conversion is all about getting the format right. This can considerably help you in saving costs and lead to huge success whereas getting tangled in the complexities will eventually lead to unnecessary delays and increased costs.

Choosing the Right Conversion Format

XML ConversionXML is a set of rules for coding documents in a standard format that can be accessed on various output devices, including mobile devices. Sometimes newer standards such as HTML5 might be more preferred than XML.

HTML5 ConversionHTML5is being extensively used for mobile content delivery as it supports highly interactive multimedia content and is capable of offering a great user experience. HTML5-based content can be accessed across all major platforms using a single source file while continuing to support current browsers.

ePub ConversionEPUB 3 is based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, which makes it the most ideal format for including interactive multimedia content in your eBooks. OneRead supports creating EDUPUB-compliant publications and also converts pdf ebooks to epub that precisely meet the unique structural and semantic requirements of educational publishing.

How Our Ebook Conversion Services Help You

OneRead seamlessly supports all popular standards across all devices and platforms. The development team is actively involved with the International Digital Publishing Forum and EDUPUB working groups to make sure that the technologies offered are way ahead of their time and are in conformity with industry best practices.

Cross-device Compatibility

Our content conversion solutions ensure eBook is compatible with every standard eReader including Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, and Android.

Manual Coding

We don’t rely on automation when it comes to conversion. Our experts manually code your eBook manuscripts using HTML and CSS codes to maintain originality and innovation.

Hassle-Free Uploading

With the help of our ebook conversion platform, you get ready to upload formats that don’t require any kind of amendments and can be uploaded right away.

Multiple Formats

No matter what format your ebook is in, we accept all manuscript types and convert your files in the desired format while retaining authenticity and quality.

There’s More to our eBook Conversion Services

Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services

For books with heavy illustrations or images, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and Kobo have come up with “fixed-layout” formats for their respective devices. As a PDF, a fixed-layout eBook offers a consistent reading experience across diverse platforms. The layout gives you complete control over how you choose to display your content while restricting the readers to change the fonts, spacing, margins, or text size. In other words, the fixed layout format helps in retaining the actual placement of the printed page when digitized into eBooks. This is extremely crucial when digitizing illustrations wherein the aspect ratio must remain the same.

Reflowable Layout Content Conversion Solutions

This format best suits publications that have a simple, one-column layout and majorly include text. Giving readers control over the text, the layout treats content as floating text/images and arranges it according to the screen size. Leveraging the advanced KF8 features, OneRead can help in creating advanced KF8 eBooks in both reflowable eBooks conversion, fixed-layout format for children's picture books, comics and graphic novels, and Kindle edition with audio/video format. Since the layout is accepted by almost all popular devices, it provides authors a great distribution opportunity.

Accessibility Publishing

OneRead helps you produce eBooks in compliance with W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Section 508, ensuring that the needs of assistive technology users are well-met.

  • Structurally-tagged content
  • “Text to speech” (TTS) capability
  • A detailed navigable table of contents
  • Adjustable Font size, style, and colour
  • “Alternative text” descriptions to explain images, illustrations, graphs, and diagrams
  • Alternative background colours and controllable line spacing

Why Choose Our Content Conversion Solutions?

With extensive experience and expertise, our content conversion services for publishers, authors, institutions, and businesses come with strict adherence to guidelines, data integrity, and copyright protection. Opting us for content transformation solutions brings you a host of benefits, including:

  • Accuracy

    Our team guarantees you an error-free, functional, and well-crafted focus on quality.

  • Data Security

    Once you trust us with your eBook conversion, we go beyond your expectations and make sure no data is lost during the conversion process.

  • Dedicated Team

    We have a dedicated team of professionals who perfectly merge their skills and experience to convert your content in a seamless way.

  • Fast Delivery

    You can rely on us to manage your eBook from start to finish, and deliver high-quality results within the timeline.

  • Feedback and Suggestions

    We are always open to suggestions. We willingly incorporate valuable inputs to create a product that satisfies both you and your readers.

  • Customer Support

    We are always looking forward to serving you and catering to all your queries regarding content transformation solutions. Just brief our team about your concerns and get them resolved within no time.


We’d love to answer your questions.


1. Can I have links or hyperlinks in my manuscript?


Yes, your manuscript can have as many links/hyperlinks. We convert links based on your source file, but some devices might have their own styling to indicate links.


2. How do you deliver the converted files?


We deliver ready-to-upload .epub & .mobi files for your Amazon DTP, Barnes & Noble Pubit, Google Books, or Apple account. Our content conversion solutions ensure the provided format is compatible with all Kindle versions.


3. How much do you charge for eBook conversion services?


Our pricing structure varies according to your needs and requirements. However, as a trusted organization, we charge menial from our clients without compromising on quality. Brief us your requirements for a free quote.


4. Can you convert a printed book to an eBook?


Yes. Our content conversion services include printed books to eBook conversion seamlessly.


5. How long is the process of interactive eBook conversion?


We understand the importance of deadlines and perform the conversion within a fast turnaround time. The process might vary depending on project size and urgency. Get an exact quote now.

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