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DRM Security - Data Protection Solution

Secure Content Distribution/ePublishing With DRM Security

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Digital Rights Management- Your defence against unauthorized access

OneRead provides secure end to end distribution of your publications eliminating the risk of piracy and content theft. Safeguarding your publications is our topmost priority, and we employ the best of the industry standards to see to it. We aim to protect the integrity of your content and also your right to distribute it to audiences you approve of.

  • ePub DRM

    Secured distribution

  • Secure Content Distribution Platform

    AES encryption

  • Secure e-publishing

    Top level confidentiality

  • DRM Solutions

    Credential based access

  • Secure Content Distribution with DRM Platform

    Tracking and control of files & sharing

Bolster your ePublishing with our advanced
DRM solution

OneRead's unbreachable
security benefits you with:

Effective license management

For easily managing content distribution as per your audiences' subscriptions.

Corporate level security

To uphold the highest confidentiality possible with secure cloud storage.

AES Encryption

To ensure that the distribution of your eBooks is breach-proof and well layered.

Why is it that you need DRM?

Compromises and data breaches have become commonplace nowadays and as a digital publisher it has become even more important to step up your security. OneRead with its extensive industry experience is well equipped with the resources and technology to safeguard your content maintaining the highest protection and compliance standards possible. To ensure your eBooks are only accessed by registered members, OneRead enforces a systematic License management mechanism that can help you limit eBooks to your subscribers only. It also works perfectly with custom subscription schemes with precise withdrawal upon expiry of a particular subscription.

OneRead in two words: Authorized and Global

OneRead’s ePub DRM capabilities and security are global and effectively enforced regardless of location. To make communication between organizations more trustworthy, you have the privilege to make your communication material private, only accessible in an authorized environment. As a publisher you can also exercise full control on geographic locations that your publications can be distributed to. In addition to encrypted content distribution, with OneRead you have full control over who can view, modify, download, share and even take screenshots of your publications. You are in charge of your publications even if you are on the go. With OneRead you can exercise your administration privileges from any part of the globe on any device.

DRM Security
AES Encryption

OneRead’s platform independent content integrity

OneRead makes sure that your content is secure at all times, be it during storage or distribution regardless of the platform your audiences use to access your eBooks. We maintain your content in the enriched the global standard ePUB for maximum interactivity and dependable security. You can also track your file usage from different platforms and provide and revoke access to view content easily.

Are you seeking DRM solutions to fortify your e-publishing venture? OneRead is one of the most customizable secure content distribution platform with DRM support and an ideal choice for both individuals and enterprises.

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