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eReader - A next-generation platform to transform digital reading experiences

OneRead’s eReader app takes the reading experience of your digital content to the next level thereby creating a long-term association with your audience. Right from interactive, fixed-layout ePub, ‘rich media’ eBooks to reflowable ePub, our cloud eReader creates an enriched experience to unwrap a host of new opportunities.

  • Interactive


  • Secure


  • Personalized


  • Multi-lingual support

    Multi-lingual Support

  • Text-to Speech

    Text-to Speech

Amplify your user-experience to get intended results!

Customized Features

to serve to be of the best interest for your venture.

Performance Tracking

to trace your growth path and mend strategies accordingly.

Offline Functioning

in order to ensure that you never go out of reach.

Diverse Needs, One Solution

Whether your content is in the form of a journal, graphical travel guide, children’s book or highly complex STM book, our eReader is well-equipped to serve to your varied requirements and surpass your expectations. The omni-platform compatibility of the all-encompassing platform helps in effectively striking a chord with a scattered audience.

Content transformation solutions

The 2 E's of our eReader: Excellence and Ease of use


OneRead safeguards you against content theft and ensures a secure digital distribution of your eBooks. Digital Rights Management (DRM) security lays the foundation of OneRead. It offers you full control to limit the viewership of your content to registered members. Not only this, you can also intricately manage the extent of access to the eReader as per your needs.

Ease of use

OneRead's eReader takes the reading experience to new heights with the help of the following features-

  • Bookmarks for future reading purposes
  • Notes-making
  • Internal searching
  • Font-size and type adjustment
  • Printable pages (in line with DRM security)
  • 'Favourite' list creation
One Read Interactive User Engagement

Amplify user-engagement with interactivity

Create a competitive edge over your rivals by making your content stand out with 'rich media'. Our reader has been created after thorough research and testing for supporting audios and videos in a glitch-free manner. Coupled with the benefit of viewing content even in offline form, what more can your readers ask for?

Real–time Engagement Analysis

OneRead has an in-built analytics feature that helps you keep a constant track of your audience's eReader activities. It includes various metrics pertaining to- most engaging content, total reading time, active users, etc. It helps you in changing your strategies based on the performance of your content. Also, you can track your revenue on monthly, weekly or yearly basis. In addition to these features, we can add specific new features based on your unique business needs to make the platform more handy for your audience and transparent and profitable for you.

Planning to reap the benefits of our eReader? Turn towards OneReader to bank upon the opportunities present right before you!

One Read Real Time Analysis

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