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White labeling with OneRead - To build your own distinguished brand identity

OneRead provides you with white labeling to help you distribute publications through your own custom store for users, giving you a free-hand over branding and marketing. This remarkable feature is your key to build a reputation as a publisher and effectively monetize your books and resources.

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Use an industry best cloud based app to house your publishing business

Highlights of our client empowering
white-label feature:

Branded eBook reader app

User friendly and full of dynamic functionalities like offline reading, book downloading and annotation tools, presented under your own publishing identity to visitors.

Customized e-store

To help you earn revenue as per your customized monetization schemes.

Ready to launch

To propel your digital publishing venture right away without any hitches.

white label book store

Why white-labeling is a smart investment?

OneRead bids good riddance to the substantial issue of building an app from scratch. It is a considerable pain point for educational establishments, publishers and corporates all alike. OneRead’s white label feature competently deals with this issue and saves organizations from running into an investment drain. Our white-label app is the ideal fit for your business with its financial feasibility and customizability to accommodate your need.

What about Branding?
Our App - Your Brand!

You can use our white labeling app while continuing to promote and sell your content under your own publishing brand or institution name. Our focus is to provide you with all the resources and help you need to succeed with your digital publishing endeavors. Using our app doesn’t compromise or deny control of publications to businesses in any way. It is a readymade platform for publishers, corporate as well as white label elearning platform for educational organizations to set up a profitable business at an affordable cost.

white label app builder

We go beyond platforms!

Whether your audiences are inclined towards iOS, Android or simply desktop, our white-labelled e-reader app functions smoothly on each platform and device. We believe in expanding the reach of your digital content to wider audiences.

Why prefer our white-labeling alternative?

OneRead with its white labeling feature serves as a pre-packaged expert solution for enterprises & even individuals who are keen on launching an app successfully with minimal groundwork. Our SaaS product equips clients with the capability to customize features, content,themes, distribution and even monetization of their publications. It takes away the load of technical maintenance from businesses allowing them to concentrate on other important operations. OneRead is an ultimate time saver for organizations short on resources and investment to enter the publishing industry. It ensures that your brand theme seamlessly blends with the app infrastructure.

Looking to make inroads into the digital distribution industry? Secure your swift entry in the market through OneRead’s game-changing white-label eBook reader app.

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