How eLearning Is Shaping The Future Of Education – Part 1

eLearning - education future

Gone are the days when delivering lectures and seminars was only limited to classrooms. Modern education is now all about learning on the go. One such flexible solution that makes this possible is digital learning or eLearning, which has already started to replace traditional ways of learning. Did you know that the total revenue for the global eLearning market is expected to reach $325 Billion by 2025. Also, adopting eLearning programs has helped around 42% of US organizations to increase their income.

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AR/VR/Mixed Reality: The Next Revolution In Digital Publishing Industry

Revolution - Digital Publishing Industry

The digital publishing industry is booming and witnessing a number of innovations now. It started with converting the printed material into digital content in the form of eBooks. However, many readers continued to prefer the printed version over eBooks, which led to the next bigger challenge i.e. making eBooks attractive and easy to use for the readers. When it comes to making the eBooks easier to access and use, getting a dedicated reader app designed has worked quite well. As we know, eReaders have been evolving by the day with each new version comprising better features: integrated dictionary, text search, text-to-speech conversion, bookmarks, day/night mode, to name a few. While these features have made accessing digital books easier, the only thing left is interactivity and increasing user engagement.

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