Understanding eBooks as a Tool for Marketing and Revenue generation

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It is often conceived that in order to be a famous and successful writer, you need talent but you also need a lot of luck. You have to become a ‘J.K. Rowling’ or a ‘Ruskin Bond’ to enjoy the fame and money that one aspires to have. Well, that is not the case anymore. The power of the internet is truly revolutionizing.

We now communicate using emails and Zoom, attend weddings and classes through Google Meet, and shop on eBay and Amazon. An amazing thing about the internet is that it has shown us different ways of making money even when we’re on the move. So many people have become successful by leveraging the potential of the internet. Similarly, ePublishing solutions have made several writers reach eminent positions as it offers the perfect platform to reach out to different audiences without any barriers.

You don’t believe it? Well, here is an example to support the claim then. Matt Damon starrer, The Martian, a superhit Hollywood movie, traces its background to a modest eBook. The author, Andy Weir put up the book on Amazon Kindle at just 99 cents per copy. Soon it became a best-seller and Hollywood story pickers took it up to make a movie out of it. This is the power of ePublishing solutions. So, if you are someone who has been giving serious thoughts to eBooks, now is the time. They are an excellent source of generating handsome revenues as well

eBooks today are not just a softcopy of what can be a physical book. They are a digital asset that comes with several benefits. While some of these benefits are conventional to anything that is digital, some others are truly unique. eBooks are cheaper to publish, quicker to distribute, and easy to share. They are also an ideal advertising and marketing tool for a group of the population that lies outside the common reach of social media.

Let us look at some facts on how eBooks can help you make business benefits in unique ways

Form a dependable customer base

It is true that the digital world is supremely competitive, but it is equally true that this platform offers no favoritism to anyone. It gives a level playing field to everyone, no matter how big or small your brand is. Hence, ePublishing solutions are ideal for budding writers. You can publish your work at a minimal cost and maintain your individual and authentic writing style. This way, you can build a loyal customer base from the beginning of your journey. Once you have found your feet in the industry, you can decide to capitalize on your skills and offer paid content. And then, this bunch of loyalists is going to make a world of difference for your business.

Manage your sales directly

Manage your sales directly

Publishers, whether they publish physical books or eBook, generate profit by selling them. While the sale of physical books depends on a synchronized play of the various parts of a large supply-chain system, the sale of eBooks is much easier and hassle-free. You can partner with a digital publishing solution provider and sell your eBook through multiple channels like your website, eBook store, and even social media. These online channels help you bring in potential customers sooner as they have a solid digital marketing strategy backing them. SEO-optimized websites and accounts witness higher incoming traffic. Their sales-driving language and appropriate CTAs help visitors make the right purchasing decisions in a quick span of time.

Offer free content samples

Free content is another fantastic way of onboarding new customers to the brand. It is an excellent marketing strategy that can drive social media engagements and bring around positive word of mouth. Such choices yield tremendous results for the brand in the long run. For example, after a few launches, you may offer your work for free but with a paid registration. And then, most of those who have already consumed your content, wouldn’t mind paying for it at all.

Offer sneak peaks

Offering exclusive sneak peaks is another marketing superhit that can do wonders for a digital publishing solution. They get to enjoy a first-hand experience of the product which gives a taste for what’s to come. This way, you can witness a higher conversion rate. Sneak peaks, like an interesting part of a chapter from the eBook, can help create the right kind of buzz around the product. It is also excellent to boost social media engagement for the brand.

Adopt the tiered strategy

Adopt the tiered strategy

To run a business that generates a steady revenue flow, you need to adopt the right combination of different marketing approaches. The tiered approach is one such plan. It includes a clever balance between free and paid content. Here, you can offer free access to older content and editions through registration or a limited time trial subscription and then administer a paid plan to read the latest editions of the same. Such strategies can be easily incorporated for ePublishing solutions without breaking a sweat.

Bring in the ad revenue

When you partner with a digital publishing solution platform, you will be able to gain useful insights about your customer preference and other parameters. Such insights will help you offer relevant and practical ads to your readers, which can bring you a significant amount of ad revenue. However, to enjoy a steady inflow of ad revenue, you will have to ensure good incoming traffic through a combination of organic and inorganic SEO techniques.

Welcome sponsored content

Invite other popular content creators to put up their work on your digital publishing solution platform by levying a fee. It is a brilliant step which will not only get you more money but also higher traffic.

Protect your work

Protect your work

With a digital publishing solution on your team, you will be able to protect your work using the latest software and tools. DRM or Digital Rights Media helps you have a firm control over the accessibility of your content. You will be able to control who gets to view your work, who gets to share, and how many times. With such sophisticated solutions in place, you do not have to stress about copyright infringements and intellectual property thefts anymore.

Bring out a variety of books

Launching new eBooks is another brilliant tactic to get your readers buying your product. Customers are very smart today. They will be quick to pick up if you keep promoting just that one book. However, if you launch a new one, customers will have fresh products to interact with. This way, there is a higher probability for customers going through your previous eBooks and buying them.

Go for collaborative sale

Invite multiple writers from different genres and offer discounts for different eBook packages. Multi-writer sales are always a superhit in the reading community. It can be a great step to boost up that revenue inflow and create a positive buzz around the brand.


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