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OneRead Corporate Communication Concerns

Corporate communication has evolved significantly with the use of current technologies and media. Corporates across the globe are nowadays unfazed by distances and within each others reach. Despite reaching out to every nook and corner of the world, creating material for communication is a bit tricky. There are quite a few concerns while looking for solutions to create and distribute corporate communication material that need to be addressed, security being one of the primary ones.

Visualizing Concerns:


Let us consider a possible scenario, two organizations are in collaboration for an employee training program and the content for training which is supposed to be highly confidential and of restricted access levels, becomes a target of piracy and unauthorized access. The best way to avoid such ordeals is to carry out information interchange with fool-proof multi-level security. The stakeholders should be able to exercise full control on who gets to access to a particular information module and by using what particular credentials. A secure platform for distribution is needed which maintains encryption to keep attackers at bay and at the same time limit access to only those individuals for whom the content is meant.

Compatibility and Content Quality

Another issue that arises while distributing corporate content is that of maintaining interactivity, different organizations have access to different pools of resources and it might happen that on a joint venture there may be compatibility issues with the content being published and the devices used to access it. Despite the abundance of formats to furnish content in, the quest to maintain interactivity in content is a difficult one and requires a standard format for transmission that also goes well with the technical infrastructure of the supposed receiver. Along with distribution the quality of content must not be compromised, so the choice of a format that is ideal for both publishing and maintaining high quality content rendering. It has to be something that corporates can have a consensus upon.

Ownership of Content Resources

For a corporation that has assembled numerous resources to put together an eBook or a digital document, carrying out distribution over channels that causes the organization to surrender its ownership of the content in exchange for desired distribution features can be unbecoming. While maintaining full ownership and rights of the content resources, a seamless publishing solution is needed to simultaneously address all the other underlying issues.

Why OneRead is the Ideal Digital Corporate Communication Solution?

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OneRead efficiently safeguards content distribution for corporates with secure access using encryption to maintain the confidentiality of information. It protects content from unauthorized access with its DRM capabilities. For the distribution part, it uses the globally accepted ePUB format that functions smoothly on any devices, ruling out the compatibility concern. It also allows corporates to exercise full ownership on their content while distributing it without compromising their rights, serving as the perfect white labeling solution.

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