2018 Guide to Make It to the Digital Publishers’ Walk of Fame

OneRead Walk of Fame Guide

eBook publishing and distribution continues to break ground and reach further within audiences through a variety of media and platforms. The online retail sector in particular has played a crucial part in the widening outreach of publications. However despite the influence of the online retail market, marketing your publications in form of an interactive app platform is still a hot prospect if not a better one for digital publishers with exclusive branding perks, profitable monetization and full control over each aspect of publication and distribution.

Here are some practices to incorporate in your digital publishing and distribution strategy to make the most out of the current market:


Personalization is the new buzz word for figure heads of each industry especially the digital market. Turns out business strategies that leave out personalization and adaptive targeting run a risk of losing both revenue and customers. It holds equally true for online publishing and every single aspect of it, be it the content being distributed, the medium of distribution, the mode of access and the monetization scheme, personalization should be atleast traced to some aspects of your online publication. One of the advantages of preferring your own publishing app is the liberty to personalize your material and its distribution at will and avoid being held back by the limitations of online retail platforms.


The need for security hasn’t been as urgent as it is in current times as malicious attacks and high level security breaches have taken place in the recent past and continue to pose a threat to organizations big or small. Not only should the mode of your content distribution be secure but your content itself must be secured from falling into un-authorized hands. Your content need to be protected with the best DRM solutions on avail.

Interactive Multimedia content

Use of content sources relying on merely text has become a thing of past and progressing through 2018 it is an already extinct practice. The use of multiple content forms that users can achieve a productive outlook of, is much needed in the current market. It is a struggle to make a presence felt within your audience but to really stand out your content needs the best of interactivity that facilitates easier understanding and evokes an intuitive connection among readers.

Some shortcuts are worthwhile

While these practices will be of immense help to grow as a publisher and expand your sales volume, a crucial thing still has to be addressed. Setting up your own app isn’t a matter of pins and paint, it incurs a lot of cost and is a time taking process. Instead of taking the long route to independent publishing, i.e. by setting up your own app, take the shortcut by using OneRead, a white label book/publication app which makes all the best industry practices easy to implement, allowing you to monetize your publications and saves you from spending hefty amounts on development and also precious time and resources.

Leaving your own mark as an online book publishing agency is no more dependent on retail platforms, with the help of a digital publishing and distribution platform like OneRead building a profitable and reputed business is easier than ever.

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