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Whenever an institution decides to roll out an online course or a publication, a variety of factors come to mind like the medium of distribution, security, DRM and monetization schemes etc. All these factors turn out to be pain points as they usually require individual solutions and a lot of investment to be handled. Here is where OneRead breaks the ground for industry figures. OneRead has launched itself as an all-encompassing digital content distribution platform for ePublishing and eLearning having each of the critical factors sorted out in the form of exquisite features.

Today we are going to highlight how OneRead leads the way for all your digital publishing and distribution requirements:

  • Sorting out the security concern: OneRead empowers educational institutions to distribute customized content to users. The distribution of content can be made membership based,password protected and accessible online exclusively to audiences with the right credentials. All in all it is a highly secure way to propagate digital manuscripts especially eLearning materials.

    Let’s us say the faculty at a University oversees the online course being distributed, they can seamlessly manage the back-end with exclusive access to an intuitive admin panel to control and modify course contents. The faculty will have full control of their content and can make it available to students with the requisite membership. OneRead simplifies the entire process of content distribution management and execution for institutions.

  • Handling the distribution: All your eBooks and digital publishing material, irrespective of formats becomes standardized with OneRead. The technical team converts your entire content resources into the highly interactive ePub format exploited by OneRead. OneRead publications are fit to meet any platform requirements and run smoothly on any device. Even in absence of an online connection you can access manuscripts offline with the help of its inbuilt offline reader.

  • DRM and content monetization effectively addressed: For instructors with resourceful information and content out there on the web, there is a constant risk of bootlegging piracy and copyright infringement. To avoid your valuable content to fall prey to theft and misuse, DRM has been made one of the integral features of OneRead. Your vital content data is protected via highly secure encryption.

    To obtain the right value for your content, OneRead enables you to monetize your content and charge members for accessing your digital publications and eLearning material. OneRead brings the publishing marketplace to your fingertips without having to scout for other platforms in order to sell and distribute content.

  • White-labeling to ensure proper Branding: At this point you may be thinking so far it has been all about the OneRead platform. What about my publications, what about my brand?

    The good news is that OneRead has it all sorted. White-labeling is one of its integral features, so whatever you choose to create, publish and distribute, it will in no manner push your brand image in the background. Your content and brand name will be highlighted instead of OneRead’s. Your digital publishing material will be treated as your own proprietary content.

  • Real-time Analytics to make distribution and access data driven: Whether you are a content publisher or a subscriber, OneRead accommodates both of your needs with its inbuilt analytics feature. Publishers, Corporations and Educational institutions can readily track the performance of their distributed publications with measured analytics and KPIs to guide them. On the user end, one can easily track their reading progress with the help of useful content access metrics.

OneRead is a product best suited to the digital publishing domain irrespective of niche as there is much to gain for publishers, educational institutions and corporations alike, and most importantly their audiences.

Want to see the practical side of OneRead? Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you!

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