Breaking Through Contemporary Corporate Publishing Challenges

OneRead Corporate publishing challanges

Digital publishing has found a new destination with cloud technology. Publishers are now equipped with a more real-time technology to create and modify content without worrying about working on a single device. The creation of content may have been streamlined to some extent, but secure distribution continues to be a challenge for Corporates and digital publishers. Accumulating useful resources into a single distributable platform also is no less difficuland requires to put in a lot of investment.

The continuous challenge of interactivity

B2B marketing has also seen a transformation and interactivity has now become equally important as it is in the B2C industry. To accommodate content in a manner, that is both interactive and of appeal to businesses, standardized corporate digital publishing solutions are needed. The requirement of content for corporates is ever increasing. The amount of eLearning materials needed for research, seminars, business strategies, employee training and other organizational operations seems unending. Having digital content published and distributed for such diverse requirements may push publishers to seek a variety of resources which can incur a lot of costs.

Choosing the right format for distribution

Despite having the quest for interactive content solved, the issue of distribution is still a cause for contemplation for corporates, reason being the presence of variety of formats. Depending on what platform is being used for distribution and what devices the audiences use, publishers need to follow suit accordingly. It also may require creating content specifically for certain platforms. As a project It can be a complex to create different versions of a single publication and would require rigorous rigorous testing. Besides security and protection of copyright is another concern for digital publishers that needs to be addressed.

Branding publications

In order to make corporate publications accessible and known to audiences, branding is essential. But with the acquisition of data and resources from diverse sources, it isn’t an easy thing to pass through a product as proprietary without spending considerable amounts of money separately on branding. In the B2B sector, leveraging the identity of publications to build an audience following is another challenge that needs redressal in form of corporate digital publishing solutions.

OneRead : The all purpose solution

OneRead is the perfect remedy to each of these digital publishing hurdles. It is a cloud publishing platform that tackles every single challenge head-on be it hassle free content distribution or branding.

To ensure that the publications are infused with interactivity, OneRead converts the content into the EPUB format. It also handles conversion of data resources seamlessly ensuring the best of interactivity in digital publications. The publications are perfected in terms of DRM with secure credential based access to avoid piracy and content theft. To facilitate branding, OneRead supports white-labeling, providing the luxury of promoting publication to corporates with full credit and control.

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