Why You Should Revamp Your Corporate Communication Strategy

digital corporate communication solutions

Every corporate, be it a SME or a large scale enterprise, needs to communicate effectively at both internal and external levels.

A study from Holmes Report states that a company loses nearly $26,000 per employee per year due to productivity losses resulting from communication barriers. Needless to say, the old-fashioned ways are surely not helping corporates in achieving smooth communication. So, without further ado, let’s see how businesses can achieve safe and strong communication via mobile apps.

Simplify complex corporate communication

Smart phones today, are the preferred mode to communicate and access information. Mobile apps, as an inseparable part of smartphones have become a staple in our daily lives. Whenever a person is associated with a company or a brand, he is interested in getting connected to the enterprise resources at the touch of his fingertips. In fact, he is also interested in gaining offline access to content so that he can perform various functions without a network. In such a scenario, a mobile app makes more sense.

Fortunately, with the help of digital corporate communication solutions, corporates can now publish and share business content via a white-labelled app like OneRead. It has become easier to streamline organizational communication and promote efficiency in the business operations.

Digitize your Corporate Training Methods

Corporate e-learning courses can be offered to employees through an app. A mobile app would eliminate the need to take the corporate training via a desktop PC and also facilitate self-paced learning. Besides, training modules can be made interactive by incorporating videos, podcasts, infographics, games etc. Such features would make the app more popular with the millennials. In fact, employees will have more interest in what the app has to offer. Micro-learning and gamification techniques can also be added to enhance the learning experience.

Robust Analytics

Analytics allow deeper insights into how the app has been performing. With information such as level of engagement, hours spent and levels of training completed by an employee, the businesses can optimize the app for an improved end-user experience. In short, you get to know what really works and what needs to be improved.

Provide easy access to essential company news and updates

A single app can serve multiple functions. It can provide general information regarding a company’s culture, vision, strategy, productivity and growth through multi-media content. It can present engaging and interactive brochures, catalogs etc. Apart from that, by using e-publishing solutions, companies can secure content distribution with DRM, offer safe access to reports using encryption and allow sharing of collaterals with existing & prospective clients.

Quite interestingly, for various business owners, an app can even serve as an excellent marketing channel. Reason being, a direct interaction with the client allows the business owners to offer information like special sales and promotions through push notifications.

Stronger brand building

It’s a no-brainer that out of sight is out of mind. An app is more likely to be viewed on a regular basis as compared to a company website or an e-mail newsletter. An app is bound to create more brand awareness. If an app also provides useful information along with practical functions, then it leads to stronger brand impression. Eventually, an app would put your brand in a different league and help you to easily reach out to your employees and clients in a professional manner.

All in all, investing in an app to facilitate corporate communication can prove to be the best bet as mobile apps have become an indispensable component of our digital lifestyle.

Connect with the experts

Communication is the lifeline of any business. By leveraging the right digital corporate communication solutions, information can be efficiently shared with employees, administrators and management. Interested in integrating your corporate communication with a white-labelled app – OneRead? Drop a mail at info@one-read.com to get expert assistance.