All You Need To Know Before Launching A Digital Magazine

digital magazine publishing

Businesses and publishers are on a constant lookout for better strategies that can drive them towards growth and a bigger customer base. Lately, many have taken to digital magazines with an intent to create a better relationship with their customers. It is in fact a great content marketing strategy. You can reproduce a printed version or create an entirely fresh one. Either way, it will work!

Let’s dive in deeper and learn more about digital magazine publishing.

Why a digital magazine?

A digital magazine could be the ultimate face of your brand that lets your audience connect with you in a much better way. Think about it. When you provide your customers with some interesting content, an instant connection is established. Also, a well-designed digital magazine could make for an excellent first impression, which will ultimately benefit your brand.

Here are some more benefits that you can enjoy by simply going for digital magazines:

1. Audience growth

Digital Magazine Wide Audience Reach

One of the best ways to distribute digital content is via a native or a web app. Digital content delivered via an app does hold a lot of potential to increase a business’ reach. Subscribing to a digital publication is easier than paying for postage for a printed one. Thus, a digital magazine can help you in increasing customer reach. Plus, it’s always easier to share digital content.

2. Content distribution speed

Quick Content Distribution

Let’s compare digital and print magazines to see which one of these can be distributed easily and quickly. A print magazine would call for multiple stages including planning, printing and then distributing the content. A reader won’t wait that long. This is the digital era and if readers can have access to new content with ease, then they are going to root for online magazine publishing. The need for quick access to information can be fulfilled with digital magazines. And it’s always easy to make an update if need be.

3. More interactiveness

Users like Interactive Digital Magazines

You want your readers to stick around, right? And they will, only if you provide interesting content via your digital magazines. These days, readers are all for visual interactive elements. And being a digital magazine publisher, you can totally use that to your advantage. Embedding visual elements such as videos, links, interactive videos, etc. is very easy and can help you provide a better reading experience to your readers. Supporting your content with a range of interactive multimedia can help you utilize digital magazines to the fullest and build a larger reader base than ever.

4. Mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly Digital Magazine

The best thing about digital magazines is that you can access them via any mobile device, given that it is optimized for multiple platforms. A majority of people take to mobile devices nowadays to access new content, and this fact can be leveraged.

5. Discoverability

Maximum Discoverability

Another benefit of a digital magazine is that it is quite a dependable way to distribute your content. And with the help of search engine optimization, achieving maximum discoverability is all the more easy. For example, if you use HTML5, search engines would be able to index your magazine’s articles easily and thus make it available to a larger portion of the audience.

What readers usually expect from a digital magazine?

Digital magazines are often read on mobile devices. As a publisher, you must know what to include in order to cater to your readers in the right way. Users are generally looking for 3 things: readability, shareability, and interactivity. Let’s study each one in detail.

1. Readability:

Right Format for Digital Magazines Readability

Digital magazines have this one drawback: they’re incompatible with different mobile devices. Either the text is too big or too small, thanks to the inability to adjust the text size. One of the major reasons for such a problem is choosing the wrong digital publishing format. For example, PDF format really affects the readability since text size is unadjustable. Depending upon your content, you can choose from Mobi, PRC, PDF and ePub formats. So, before you go for digital magazine publishing, make sure you choose the right eBook format so that your magazine is readable on most devices.

2. Shareability:

Shareability feature of digital Magazine

Sharing content on social media is a common practice. It doesn’t have to be the whole magazine. It could simply be an excerpt or a particular article. Therefore, embedding social sharing tools is necessary to allow users to easily share the content they like. This will eventually benefit you as you get to expand your audience. Plus, this way you’ll easily be able to track how your readers are engaging with your content.

3. Interactivity:

Interactive Digital Magazine for readers

A plain digital magazine is only as good as a basic PDF. Modern readers are looking for something different that interests them. Maybe some outbound links to help them know more about a particular subject, or an interactive video to help them understand something better. A simple video could also work. As a publisher, you must optimize your content and include interactive elements in your magazine to make it more engaging.

How to monetize your magazine?

Making your eBooks interactive, readable, etc. is good, but what about lead generation, you might wonder. Your ultimate aim is to monetize your magazine, right?

Well, here’s how you can do that.