How Measured is your Digital Publishing Journey?

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How measured is your digital publishing journey?Digital publishing has rapidly been growing over the past few years. According to Book Net Canada ” Online channels (which include websites, mobile apps, and ebook/audio retailers) accounted for 51.6% of purchases in 2017.” The prospect of digital distribution is exciting for publishers, and even more exciting for those who follow a number driven strategy. This rapid movement in the digital publishing industry has provoked publishers to search for a secure content distribution platform and viable eLearning solutions. One of the significant challenges for digital publishers to indulge in marketing their publications is the lack of customer data.

Nearly a quarter of publishers consider limited data to share with advertisers a factor hindering them from adopting content marketing

The importance of Analytics for publishers

The lack of data can be a huge disadvantage for publishers because it can make estimating one’s market and targeting the right audiences a difficult task. The access to analytics and metrics is vital for any digital publisher to proceed with promotion. Even with the access to real-time analytics the struggle is seldom from over, because identifying metrics that speak for your product need to be sorted out from a huge lot of metrics that may not be as significant. Digital publishers need to find out key performance indicators to track if their publication is doing well enough or not.

Staying informed with numbers is all the more important for educational institutions and eLearning enterprises, because of the importance of numbers to drive their predictive research and understanding their audiences. Real-time data is the catalyst behind market trends and predictions and to accompany any learning material with analytics is critical in the industry.

Boosting your marketing efforts with real-time analytics

OneRead serves as a dynamic secure content distribution platform and a coherent eLearning solution for digital publishers, educational institutions and corporates. It solves the issue of lack of data with its seamless analytics support. Publishers can track useful metrics and KPIs with its help without having to go through countless numbers and stats to do the same. It minimizes the amount of time, effort and investment spent on generating credible analytical insights about your publications and eLearning content. With OneRead publishers can track publications at their finger tips. It makes the entire journey of digital publishing well informed. With access to useful data, it is one of the most ideal eLearning solutions for educational establishment, providing them with all the data required for research and development of new material.

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