Making your Corporate Publishing Re-branding Venture a Reality

Corporate Digital Publishing Solutions

Many digital publishing businesses due to unsuccessful stints sometime decide to take the path of re-branding. To gain a strong foothold again is an uphill effort and needs a systematic solution that enables a businesses to make up for previous losses and also re-establish faith in the audience as a brand that delivers. A re-branding effort must be able to rekindle the fire of engagement and loyalty among customers.

From ruins to monuments

History has taught us about collapse of cities and empires and rise of new ones from the ashes of their predecessors. A digital publishing re-branding effort is not much different. To build again from previous failure is quite possible. Coming to the practicality of the venture, as a digital publisher you would need a platform under which you would ideally publish your own content. There are third party solutions as always, but for the purpose of re-branding you need an option that attracts all the attention towards your brand and not any other platform that you use to distribute your digital content.

As far as the finances are concerned, creating a distribution platform is an absolute no, for the amount of time, effort and money that goes in and the limited buffer time one gets before the content distribution process is up and running. The ideal fit for this situation is a white labeling option that covers the distribution need, effectively ruling out total dependence on third party platforms where your brand identity may not enjoy that much limelight.

An insight driven revenue model

Once your distribution outlet is set up you need a monetization scheme that works well for your revenue model. Content published under your brand new identity shouldn’t fall prey to a linear monetization scheme. Create a customizable subscription scheme that makes it easier to adopt for your target audiences. A critical asset to creating a successful revenue model is considering user behaviour and engagement metrics as a basis.

Tackling security concerns

Prior to presenting the face of your new brand to the world, you need to make sure that your products are safe and sound and reach to the right audience segments. Your content must be reach to audiences through a secure content distribution platform, fortified by DRM fitting perfectly with your revenue model.

All these practices are important to build a solid foundation for your new brand, which once done makes sure you only need to focus on marketing your new corporate publishing identity. OneRead is a corporate digital publishing solution that provides you with the perfect foundation to re-brand, covering all your needs from distribution and monetization to security and DRM.

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