The Right Way to Nail Corporate Digital Publishing

Corporate Digital Publishing

Content is the reflection of an organization. No matter how well-framed your content is, if the technology/platform backing it is not advanced and feature-rich, it would pass unnoticed as is the case with innumerable content pieces.

The importance of engaging content is all the more in the corporate realm as it is supposedly a glimpse of the quality of your services that a client would avail only if he/she gets adequately convinced. An interactive content distribution platform helps in accomplishing this goal by transforming your digital reading experiences and enhancing your ROI.

Should your digital content be a replica of its print counterpart?

When you create rich, immersive and easy to navigate content for your business, you get rewarded with brand loyalty, enhanced subscription rates and become a witness of your success with the help of real time analytics.

Instead of sticking to conventional approaches and solutions, corporate digital publishing solutions help you go an extra mile and achieve an intended effect with your content while ensuring that your prized content doesn’t reach unauthorized hands.

Peep through the lens of different screen sizes

Owning to fragmented users accessing your content using different screen sizes, zooming in and out even to read a single line can be quite vexing. In order to reap the most of each penny spent in creating your digital content, make it fit to be accessed using varied screen sizes. It involves laying down certain rules to ensure an enriched user-experience across devices. For instance, when a user accesses your content using a 5′ phone, actions pertaining to lower priority content, resizing images, text reflow, etc., should be clearly charted out to ensure a fluid experience.

Design for Digital

For many, digital content means merely a copy-paste version of the printed one of their corporate journal, newsletter, etc. However, to stick to this approach would mean leaving out immense opportunities of adding value to your content in the wake of engagement. This is where an interactive content distribution platform plays a crucial role. Secondary content such as footnotes, author’s information can be presented with the help of pop-ups instead of occupying fixed digital spaces.

Long texts may shun away your readers. Making your content relevant and convenient with the help of features like searchable text and sprinkling it with visual elements- videos, animations and luring images make it all set to go!

Get to Know!

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