White Labelled Reader Apps for Mobile: An Impeccable Way to Ease Corporate Communication

White Labelled Reader Apps for Android

Due to a host of distractions while using the Internet and attention spans getting shorter, holding on to your audience is becoming increasingly difficult. Keeping your viewers glued becomes all the more important when your digital content’s success is not just important for enhancing your ROI but because it shapes your business’ fate in terms of business strategies and goals.

If it is your first step towards revolutionizing your corporate communication, opting for white labelled reader apps for Android and iOS would be a good move.

Think ‘mobile’: Make visuals your core strength

In order to ensure that your publications gets a favourable response, it is important to ensure that you redesign or recreate your content to keep the fleeting attention of mobile users, gripped. This can be achieved by creating an engaging experience for your viewers with the help of interactive elements-videos, animations, etc., to emphasize and simplify key areas. You can opt for corporate ePublishing solutions that are designed after understanding your precise business needs and are based on proven strategies.

Create complementary experiences

In case you are a medium-scaled organization, your employees might be hesitant at first in using an app as a channel for communication. In such a situation, you’ll have to take an extra effort and make the overall experience worth coming again for. You can make this possible by closely linking the content of your white labelled reader app for Android and iOS to real-life activities that take place in the organization. This will help in rousing interest thereby delivering higher business value.

The more (feature-rich), the better

Enriching your trainee’s manual, annual reports, etc., with features like- bookmark-creation, ability to highlight important portions, make notes, etc., can do wonders to boost your usability. Offering an off-line reading experience in the convenience of a hand-held device can act as the perfect cherry on the cake.

…because analysing is the key to improvement

If you want to use digital as a long-term channel, it is important to keep a constant track on how your publications are being received by the viewers. In order to simplify this, eReader apps come equipped with an in-built analytics tool that helps you to track average reading sessions, total reading time, etc.

Get to Know!

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