The Unconventional Approach to Content Marketing

Content marketing platform

With the increasing Internet penetration, there is a flood of information as every second person is ‘becoming’ a publisher. In such a scenario, it is becoming quite difficult for marketers to cut the clutter and indulge in active marketing for their product. Even if they manage to market their product somehow, the doubt on the impact of traditional marketing on ‘information consumers’ is significantly breeding.

In order to shape an effective content marketing strategy, it is important to pay special heed to the following pre-requisites with the help of a content marketing platform:

Performance Tracking

Succeeding in your marketing efforts all at once is a rare possibility. Most often, it comes as a result of trial and error method and a continuous effort to discover what works the best for your organisation. Such a method is justified to the point that it doesn’t cost you a fortune. If you want to trace the trail of your ongoing efforts and measure their impact, tracking user engagement can prove to be just the right thing for you.

For tracking user engagement with your online content, you can seek help from online publishing solutions. With a clear insight into engagement analysis broken down into metrics like average reading time, gender based analysis, etc., it becomes quite easy to understand the user- behaviour pattern and shape your strategies accordingly.

Content Distribution

With the help of online publishing solutions, you become well-equipped to intricately manage who can access your content, for what price and time period (as in the case of limited subscription). Many content marketing platforms extend a hand to help you leverage the way your content is being demanded and perceived to your utmost business advantage.

With merely 42 per cent marketers admitting to being effective in content marketing, if you don’t want to fall in this category, a white-labelled app can help to act as a great vehicle for it.

Get to Know!

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