Why White-labeling is a Phenomenal Alternative for Digital Publishers

Alternative for Digital Publishers

It isn’t easy to launch a publication and sustain a consolidated position while growing continuously. For ePublishers things are already quite expensive having to spend a lot of money on churning out publications that may not run the same on different platforms. However there are more economical solutions on avail that ensure smooth rendering of your publications on multiple platforms with full control throughout the publishing life-cycle and beyond.

White labeling for eLearning and LMS

For any one venturing into the LMS and elearning business, beginning one’s campaign from scratch is no less than opening a can of worms. There are many things to take care of simultaneously since building a learning management system from ground zero is a herculean task even with access to all the required resources. There are multiple facets to development and running into issues and unexpected stoppages cannot be ruled out if one decides to take the development route on their own. Some one has rightly stated that, “It is always better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than your own”.

Development of learning management systems isn’t anything new and there are agencies who have built efficient ones in the past and still continue to do so, but the difference one can notice in their case is that they have gone through the ups and downs of development and have managed to find ways around hurdles that they may have initially encountered. Now picturing yourself as someone looking to create an LMS or eLearning solution, it is the shortest and the most cost effective way to use a white label eBook reader app or a relevant eLearning solution to fulfill your digital content distribution need.

Safeguarding your content security and integrity

There is a looming risk involved in publishing material that is un-protected due to exclusion of the provision for DRM. It is a concern for any distributor to lose their valued learning material to piracy and unauthorized access. It is something one needs to be careful of while choosing a white label solution as many don’t provide DRM. Such options must be avoided and the security of your content must be given high priority. OneRead is a white labeling solution that prioritizes the secure distribution of your content with integrated DRM making sure only readers with ample credentials access your publications.

As far as the format of distribution is concerned, many white label eBook reader apps don’t follow a standard distribution format making it difficult to maintain consistent interactivity in publications. On the other hand OneRead keeps all the interactivity of your content intact by converting it into the standard ePUB format that can be easily accessed and rendered on different platforms. It is a solution that safeguards both the access and the core content quality with its flexible and secure functioning.

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